Friday, February 8, 2013

Memo 037: Eye of the Tiger

To: All
From: Me
Date: February 8, 2013
Subject: They're Grrrrrreeeaat!

This Melody Ehsani Queen of the Jungle necklace has been seen everywhere. I think it all started with Rihanna... of course. What makes this piece so amazing other than the fact that it screams late 80s was that it was actually (dare I say it) affordable!

Aside from this necklace, another big hit this season was tiger inspired pieces. Here's my take on the trend:

Coat: Burberry, Sweater: ASOS, Skirt: ASOS
Frosted Flakes, anyone?
Clutch: BCBG, Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Earrings: ASOS, Necklace: Melody Ehsani, Peplum Belt: ASOS

Bracelet: Couture Elevated Boutique


  1. Replies
    1. I am in full agreement with you Tanya!!

      You totally did it on 'em with this one!

  2. Your style sense is refreshing! and fantastic!!!

  3. I love your style and also the background just sets it off so nicely.~
    work it!

  4. you kill it everytime! i love how you take your old(er) pieces to re-create fresh, new looks with your new pieces.

  5. gosh totally dig all of your outfits.. AMA-ZING! /sweden

  6. Love this look and the bracelet from Couture Elevated! Shop