Monday, February 18, 2013

Memo 040: Cut the Check!

To: All
From: Me
Date: February 18, 2013
Subject: Check (Print), Please!

Check up on it, Beyonce...

Checks on checks on checks!

Either way you slice it, I'm keeping it all in check. Check print that is!

I paired this Zara Check Print Dress (sold on ebay here) with neutrals and black. This is perfect for transitioning from work to after work to church to brunch to...well everywhere. Check and check mate!

Coat: Zara, Dress: Zara, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Fauxtography Credt: Rhonda Battle
Fauxtography Credt: Alesha Bradshaw
Bag: Coach, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Cuff: Oregon Boutique


  1. I LOVE everything about this outfit... LOVE!

  2. Love the outfit, very classic. Also your backdrops are awesome. They complement your ensemble so well.