Friday, April 5, 2013

Memo 053: So Nautical

To: All
From: Me
Date: April 5, 2013
Subject: Blue Stripes + Loafers

Picture me on a yacht off of the South of France sipping wine, laughing heartily and schmoozing with some of my favorite people.

Ok, picture me on a yacht.

Ok, just look at this picture of me looking like I should be on somebody's yacht. Jeez. 

Blazer: J. Crew, Shirt: Liberty for J. Crew, Shorts: Burberry
Necklace: ASOS, Rings: H&M and Belle Noel, Belt: Nine West
Clutch: Kenneth Cole, Shoes: Miu Miu
Sunglasses: Chanel

J. Crew Blazer - On Sale here
Liberty for J. Crew Shirt - On Sale here
Burberry Jacquard Shorts - Similar here, here and here
ASOS Necklace - Similar here
H&M Rings - Available In Stores
Belle Noel Ring - Similar here
Kenneth Cole Clutch - Similar here and here
Miu Miu Loafers - Similar here
Chanel Sunglasses - Sold here


  1. Looooove your hair! Super cute & chic

  2. I love the accessories! You are definitely a master at mixing prints :)

  3. Logging on! For some reason everytime i click on your link, at my job, it says block suspicious Porn LOL...So i navigate around it. Are they trying to stop me from getting my 2 day fix on Memos? How dare they? #Random

    As always Love Love Love!! Also appreciate how you remix your closet. Extra love!
    Thanks for sharing

    Logging off!

    1. Ha! This happens to me, too! I'm like porn?! What the...

      Thanks for continuing to log on!

  4. what is that hairstyle called ? I wonder if I can pull it off.

    1. I think it's technically called a Pompadour. I like to call it the "Janelle Monae" or a "Pump Fake".

  5. Your style is simply amazing.

  6. I see you snuck in a "peace sign"! lol Still lovin' the blog!

    1. LOL! You weren't supposed to announce it! Thanks for visiting!

  7. Woow, beautiful outfit. I love the bag.

  8. Yes you should be on a Yacht. Love the outfit but I really love your hair!!!!

  9. Just found your blog thru fashionbombdaily. that necklace is INSANE. I would like to get one for my best friend for her birthday. Do you remember the name of the necklace? I couldn't find it on Asos' site. Great blog

    1. Hi Deb! The necklace is actually no longer available but I do link to a similar necklace in the link section above.