Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Memo 058: May Flowers

To: All
From: Me
Date: May 1, 2013
Subject: First Day of May 

I am literally taken aback at the speed at which these months fly by!

Especially when May sneaks up on me. It's my birthday month and it has become a check in point with myself. The more I question where I am in life, the more that I realize that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Instead of beating myself up about what I haven't done since last May, I'll reflect here on what I have done:

  • Traveled to Barcelona, Rome, Paris and the Dominican Republic
  • Experienced the best and worst (yes both!) 5-month reflection period of my entire life
  • Started this awesome blog called The Werk! Place
  • Conducted my first media coverage at the MIM Rocks Fashion Show
  • Took a wine tour in Napa Valley
  • Served as a Bridesmaid in my BFFs wedding
  • Witnessed one of my favorite linesisters/friend get married
  • Hosted my first baby shower
  • Started a new job (same company) with an awesome schedule
  • Took ski lessons in Lake Tahoe
  • Went to my first Phoenix Sun's Game
  • Created my 2nd Vision Board
  • Finally, closed the door to some feelings that should have left long ago.
  • More importantly, I've grown. 

Happy Birthday month to me and to all you other May babies out there...

Dress: River Island
Photography: Brent Gates
Harness: ASOS
Photography: Brent Gates
Photography: Brent Gates
Bag: Flea Market Find
Photography: Brent Gates
Photography: Brent Gates

Photography: Brent Gates
Cuffs: Oregon Boutique,  Rings: Belle Noel and Banana Republic, Sandals: Paloma Barcelo
Photography: Brent Gates
Harness: ASOS
Photography: Brent Gates
Photography: Brent Gates

River Island Dress - Similar here and here
ASOS Harness - Similar here 
Straw Bag - Similar here
Double Cuff - Similar here
Belle Noel Ring - Similar here
Banana Republic Ring - Similar here
Paloma Barcelo Sandals - No Longer Available


  1. You have accomplished some really great things. Love the dress.

  2. So gorgeous.. cant wait to see what you will wear for your bday!

  3. You just gave a simple dress some edge with the harness. Nice look!

    And, yes, making a list of what you have accomplished/done within the past year is definitely a smart move.

  4. You look gorgeous! I love this outfit. The dress is so gorgeous with the harness.

  5. You bring it everytime... I admire your style and can tell you have a good sense of humor. Thank you for sharing through your awesome blog and enjoy your birthday month!!! :)

  6. you're awesome! your list of what you've accomplished is super similar to mines too! love the outfit. if you don't mind me asking, what sorority are you apart of?

    1. No, I don't mind. Delta Sigma Theta.

    2. Oh nice! I am part of Sigma Gamma Rho! passing some BGLO love your way :)

  7. Love the list and what a reflection...very inspiring. Beautiful