Monday, July 15, 2013

Memo 073: Inspire Yourself

To: All
From: Me
Date: July 15, 2013
Subject: Hats Off to You!

A couple of days ago, featured me in their Community Round Up here (yay!) and the outfit that they chose as the main picture is from Memo 012: I Fedora Michael

There are so many times that we look to other people and other things to motivate and inspire us. That's totally not a bad thing. However, sometimes you can look over the things that you have already done, the tests that are already testimonies and inspire yourself.

When I perused the look from Memo 012, I was completely inspired and it birthed the look for today. 

Skipping and singing Donald Lawrence's "Sometimes you have to encourage yourself..."

Shirt: Club Monaco, Pants: Corey Lynn Calter
Shirt: Club Monaco, Pants: Corey Lynn Calter
Shoes: Burak Uyan, Clutch: BCBG, Belt: French Connection, Hat: BCBG

Shirt: Club Monaco, Pants: Corey Lynn Calter


Club Monaco Shirt - No Longer Available
Corey Lynn Calter Pants - Similar here
Burak Uyan Shoes - Similar here and here
BCBG Clutch - Sold here
French Connection Belt - Similar here
BCBG Hat - Similar here and here


  1. Omg i love these pants!

    Style n love, jamaica

  2. Very Indiana Jones in a cute and totally stylish way.

  3. girgeous skin & fab this outfit :]

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out! Keep inspiring. You're beautiful on the inside and the out. :) xx, StyledOn