Friday, December 13, 2013

Memo 105: I Would Like to Make a Statement

To: All
From: Me
Date: December 13, 2013
Subject: Statement Coat: Look 3


I went absolutely black-and-white print crazy with this look. Like, I lost my mind with it. Sometimes, that's how it is with fashion. You push it a little and it may push back. Keep pushing. Lose your mind a little and come out with something pretty freaking awesome.

There's literally something about black and white right now that's giving my soul life!

Coat: Elie Tahari, Dress worn as top: Oasis, Skirt: French Connection
Ring: Consignment Find, Shoes: Report Signature, Clutch: Nasty Gal
Ring: Consignment Find, Clutch: Nasty Gal
Earrings: H&M for Marni
Coat: Elie Tahari, Dress worn as top: Oasis, Skirt: French Connection
Ring: Consignment Find, Clutch: Nasty Gal
Shoes: Report Signature

Get the Look:

Elie Tahari Coat - Similar hereherehere, and here
Oasis Dress - Similar herehere, and here
French Connection Skirt - Similar here and here 
Report Signature Mary Janes - No Longer Available
Nasty Gal Clutch - Similar here and here
Marni for H&M Earrings - Similar here and here


  1. This look is just flawless, really. Not exaggerating, either. It's truly flawless.

  2. OMGGGGG!!!! This look is EVERYTHING. Print overload can be risky but you completely nailed this. You got it right. *two snaps*

  3. @&*)#&$)__@**)<>?!@$ <----- You have me commenting in tongues. This look is THAT serious!

  4. Keep losing it, it's gorgeous!

  5. Just introduced by Vivi and I like your style. You look GREAT in this outfit and I have not seen anything like it on any other blog. I will be following via Bloglovin so I can see more. . .

  6. First looks says it all "I did THAT! #she won! GORG!

  7. Your look is impeccable! You never cease to amaze me.

  8. You are always on point..... classy, stylish, sophisticated and sexy...... I'm in my 40s yet come here to be inspired.... love from London XXXX

  9. Such an amazing intricate look! Love this!

  10. Wow, this look is just beautiful, the mix of prints and materials is really boring, I like.
    Good day