Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memo 135: Stand For Something...

To: All
From: Me
Date: May 29, 2014
Subject: Or Fall for Floral Lace Trimmed Shorts

I have been on a shorts kick lately. Like, I've just been drawn to them for no good reason at all except that they look cute. Well, that's reason enough. I've been specifically paying attention to the cut. Some shorts, especially when we're talking about fast fashion (H&M, Nasty Gal, Zara, etc.), can look absolutely horrid on the leg. HORRID.

Well, that wasn't the case for these Nasty Gal It's A Trip Shorts. The tulip overlay merged with the scalloped lace trim performs a little elongating magic on the leg that makes them a must have for the summer. Don't judge me if I wear these everyday, ok? 

They're that good.

One last thing, we're approaching the last few days of the Vanity Fair International Best Dressed Challenge. So, if you have a little extra time, check out the profile for the The Werk! Place here and show a little love.

Shirt: H&M, Shorts: Nasty Gal, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti 

Bag: ASOS, Belt: BCBG, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti 
Shirt: H&M, Shorts: Nasty Gal, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti 
Bag: ASOS, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti 

Get the Look:

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Nasty Gal Lace Trimmed Shorts - Sold here and Similar here
Giuseppe Zanotti Peep Toe Heels - Similar here
ASOS Clutch - Sold here
Tiffany Necklaces - Sold here and Similar here
Mango Ring - Similar here

Shirt: H&M, Belt: BCBG, Shorts: Nasty Gal, Clutch: ASOS
Shirt: H&M, Shorts: Nasty Gal, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti 
Shirt: H&M, Belt: BCBG, Shorts: Nasty Gal, Necklaces: Tiffany & Co.


  1. Buying shorts because their cute is a great and logical reason. These shorts are so cute and cool. Love how you styled it with the striped shirt, it makes it look like a romper.

  2. You can style your buns off! Love those shoooooeeeeeessssss...

  3. You look stunning as always!! Love this look.

  4. Nice! Cool how you pulled the shirttail through! Tied them together, at first glance gives the illusion of a one piece!

    34 more Hearts ... tip Tiffany if your friends and readers/followers sign with their regular browser vote, then use Google chrome perhaps they can vote twice daily ... Ijs

    Have a Great Day! =D

  5. Yep, you did that! Maybe my favorite look of the summer......

  6. cute look all around! Love the intricate pattern on the shorts!

  7. So stylish! I love the clutch!

  8. Everything from the mixed prints to your hair and that bag are just ON!! Love you style! PS You kind of look like Toni Braxton in these pics lol


  9. May I ask how is sizing? Than you.