Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Memo 159: The Stalk is Real!

To: All
From: Me
Date: November 11, 2014
Subject: Zara Faux Fur Vest 

I don't normally consider myself a stalker but when I do I stalk, I stalk clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories!

A few seasons ago, Zara presented this faux fur vest online and the stalking commenced. See, I know Zara and I know Zara has seasonal sales. Much like BCBG, the items that you love have an 85% chance of going on sale. Fact! Well, kind of fact based on a fictitious statistic…

That's neither here nor there, the point is to get what you want and to get it on sale! When I'm in stalk mode, I like to periodically check the availability of the item (read: stalk by the minute).

If it looks like it's about to sell out, I may have to fork over the money to pay full price but I, also, know about the possibility of the restock. That's where a little risk taking comes into play. I've often lost out on an item that I couldn't live without that wasn't restocked and nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy!

So, cheers to a little fashion risk taking!

Photography by: Amir Lowery
Website: amirlowery.com
Instagram: @princelowery

Get the look:

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H&M Pants - Similar here
BCBG Harness - Similar here and here
Charlotte Olympia Dolly Slingbacks - Similar here
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  1. Girl I do the same thing! I have full carts on all of my sites that I check regularly. It kills me to have to resort to Ebay for something that I stalked. But you know Zara also brings back a lot of sold out items during the semi-annual so you may not lose out and you could get it for the low-low. Check out my new site www.sheslays.com Its my personal style blog, but its also for the shopper's shopper who doesn't like to pay retail - like me (and you apparently). ;-)

  2. Yes - I too stalked this very vest, and it sold out on 3 sites last year....I was sooooo ecstatic when I found it again this summer. Even though it took almost 2 months to get to me, the quality was great, and just like the pictures. Well worth the wait.
    You look awesome....

  3. Those Charlotte Olympia heels are to die...