Monday, October 17, 2016

Class Werk!: Four Ways To Own The Layered Dress Trend

To: All
From: Me
Date: October 17, 2016
Subject: Layer Your Dress Trend

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Tip 1: Cover Your Neck

First and foremost, the turtleneck is a closet staple. In the Autumn/Winter, it is my go-to layering piece. Hence, the reason it is first on this list. The turtleneck will effortlessly transition a few of your favorite Spring/Summer dresses right on into Autumn/Winter. Go and ahead and give it a try.

Memo 250: Fringe Benefits With Lord & Taylor

Tip 2: Double the Dress, Double the Fun!

Yes, repurpose a longer sleeved dress underneath a sleeveless or short sleeved dress. It's a great way to layer without adding extra bulk and you're guaranteed not to look like anyone else.

Memo 041: Two For One Special 

Tip 3: Slay In Your White Tee

This is the same concept as the turtleneck. Just throw it underneath any of your spaghetti strapped, strapless, or sleeveless dresses to create a completely new look.

Tip 4: Stay Up With A Button Down

This is a trend that I experimented with earlier this Summer. I added a button up to the outside of a maxi dress to recreate the cut out shoulder trend. The button up shirt can also be added underneath any dress to take it up a notch on the style factor charts. Play around with the buttons and the shoulders.

Memo 232: Striped Shoulder Moment


  1. Omg this is amazing style! Can't wait to try it!

    1. Thanks, lady! Wear the wear out of your clothes!