Thursday, March 30, 2017

Memo 275: Layering Is My Prerogative

To: All
From: Me
Date: March 30, 2017
Subject: Featuring Animal, Aztec and Floral Prints

Photography: J. Shotti

Since moving to New York, I have had SEVERAL people (read: men) tell me that I hide my body behind too many clothes. I didn't think it was true and then I put on this outfit.

I am covered head to ankle!

So, they may have a point or seven. The way I see it, my body is a canvas and I enjoy the art of style on said canvas. So, it doesn't even dawn on me that I've engulfed my entire body in layers and layers of... art.

Fun fact boys: It has been WINTER for the last couple of months! So, that could explain the extra layers.

Anyway, my body, my rules. If one day I decide to bring out the body, I'll do it. If another day I decide to cover it head to ankle, that, too, is my prerogative.

I can do what I wanna do!

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  1. Absolutely agreed. Your body. Your rules. The way you adorn yourself makes for more intrigue in my opinion. Keep doing you.

  2. Loving all the different elements on this look! So awesome!

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    The Neon Factor || Fashion & Style Blog

  3. Female to female you are my one and only WCW because you exude class and sexiness with all your clothes on!!! Keep being a positive image for young women. Teach them that they don't have to bare it all to be fashionable.