Let’s Werk!

As the full-time influencer and content creator of The Werk! Place, Tiffany is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Please read below to ensure the opportunities are clearly defined, mutually beneficial and on-brand with The Werk! Place. The contact form is located at the bottom of this page.

Gifting Opportunities

  • Gifting opportunities are welcome! Tiffany loves to be exposed to new products and experiences. However, please understand that gifts DO NOT guarantee any coverage on The Werk! Place’s site or social media channels.
  • Upon her discretion, Tiffany will share products and experiences that she loves with her audience.
  • If your brand is interested in guaranteed coverage with specific guidelines and post date requirements, please read below.

Sponsored Content

  • If your brand is interested in having featured content on The Werk! Place site and/or social media channels and there are specific guidelines and post date requirements, this content creation requires a fee.  Please request the rate card for The Werk! Place in your e-mail.
  • At this time, Tiffany cannot accept product as compensation in exchange for brand promotion and sponsored content.

Event Invitation

  • Tiffany loves a well-executed event and exposure to new and established brands! Please include the relevant event details in the e-mail. Tiffany is really good about sharing her experience at the events.
  • However, the event coverage is not guaranteed and based solely on Tiffany’s discretion.

Appearance/Event Host Requests

  • One of Tiffany’s favorite things to do is interact with her readership in person. In your appearance/event host request, please include all of the relevant event details and your participation and content creation needs. Appearances and event hosting requires a fee.
  • At this time, Tiffany cannot accept exposure or product as compensation in exchange for an appearance or hosting an event.
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E-mail Etiquette

  • Please include the relevant links for the brand’s website and social media channels
  • Please ensure that the request is on-brand with The Werk! Place. The Werk! Place is a contemporary lifestyle brand dedicated to enhancing and highlighting the lifestyle of women through a fashion lens. The Werk! Place explores all aspects of today’s woman.
  • Please ensure that your e-mail has a clear and appropriate

    • Gifting Opportunity – GIFTING OPPORTUNITY: XYZ
    • Sponsored Content – PARTNERSHIP REQUEST: XYZ or
    • Event Invitation: INVITE: XYZ
    • Event Coverage/Host: EVENT HOST REQUEST: XYZ
    • Guest Speaker: SPEAKER REQUEST: XYZ
Thank you for reading and we are looking forward to werking with you!

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