Memo 179: Paris Is Always a Good Idea

11 Hour Layover in Paris? Why not. Note to self: Check the weather, first. Again, CHECK THE WEATHER. Where I was coming from (Arizona) and where I was going (Johannesburg, South Africa) the weather was perfection featuring sunshine with temps in 70s and 80s. However, my dear sweet Paris was on…
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Memo 178: Camp Conrad – Volume 2

The saga continues… Joshua Tree National Park Alright, alright! I didn’t actually sleep in the tents. I only took pictures of them but I did sleep on the RV. #GiveMeCreditForThat #ProudMoment #ImNotAnOutdoorsPerson Let’s count how many times our friend, Jack Daniels, makes an appearance in these photos #NumberOne #WheresJackD Look…
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Memo 177: Camp Conrad – Volume 1

Can I say that I am STILL high off of this EPIC camping adventure that occurred almost three weeks ago? Because I am. I’ve never been camping before. I’ve never been on a RV. I’ve never been to Sequoia National Park or Joshua Tree National Park. There were a lot…
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Memo 176: Sweating the Denim Trend

Guess who’s loving the denim trend this season? Me! Let me explain. Denim can look good whether your pieces are from H&M or Gucci especially with the help of a good tailor. It’s pretty amazing on tons of different body types and there are so many ways to incorporate the trend…
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Memo 174: Floral and Denim Mash Up

Here lately, I’ve been holding back on a few rants. I pick up the phone to take it to Twitter, Facebook, or any Social Media outlet that is ready to listen. Then, I slowly put the phone down. “Back away from the phone, Tiff” and then I think to myself “What…
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