TWP Approved! – Designer Shoe Sale Top Picks

So, I’ll admit that these designer sales snuck up on me this time. I know they happen biannually around May/June and again around November/December but I never remember the exact date. Well, they’re well underway and these pieces are FLYING off of the internet shelves. Never fret, I’ve done the…
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Memo 134: One Last Look

I have literally had the shoes in this look for almost two years without wearing them. I was all set to return them and then I gave them one last look. See, it’s not unusual for me to see things at the moment of purchase that seem completely amazing yet when they…
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#TWPApproved Net-A-Porter Sales Top Picks!

Memo 133: Play your Cardigans Right

Two words: Cinched Waist. Remember how I always talk about this. When I say always, I mean like two times. Here you have this simple Southwestern Forever 21 Cardigan. Add this BCBG Peplum Belt to cinch the waist and it takes the cardigan from 21 to twenty-wonderful in ten seconds flat!…
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Memo 132: White Out

A day past THEE day and I’m feeling pretty….(hungover) much the same as I did two days ago before THEE day. I’m not sure why we (women) get so bent out of shape about a little ol’ birthday. We’re not doing anything but getting older, wiser and better with time! So,…
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Memo 131: Bad Hair Day or Nah?

I love this short hair cut, I really do, and I love working out (most of the time).  But the short hair cut doesn’t like that I work out and working out could care less about the short hair cut. They just don’t get along at all but they need…
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Memo 130: Pop of Orange

The countdown is on! I’m T – 5 days away from the b-day. I think the older I get, the faster they come. It’s just a good reminder to be intentional about what you do with your time. Somebody, tell the person in charge of time to slow it down…
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