Memo 029: It’s the Remix

I am a firm believer in recycling. I’m not talking paper and plastic, folks. It’s more like blazers and skirts. I, by no means, have the funds to support the wear it once life style. I wanna wear my clothes until the seams come apart!   The Tibi Tuxedo blazer…
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Memo 028: That 70s Show

This whole look started from the great Etsy head piece that I’m wearing. For me, it usually starts with one thing, one inspiration piece if you will, to motivate an entire look.   On another note, it’s kind of oxymoronic to own a fur in Phoenix. Seriously, you never really…
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Memo 027: Walking on Cloud 9

In the land of stilettos and platforms, poor little innocent feet are constantly put into uncomfortable situations. Red bottoms, nude bottoms, high bottoms…oh my!   And then came along the Sperry Top Sider Shearwater Navy Boots to save the day. I believe they have been lined with little clouds and…
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Memo 024: New You Everyday (NYE)

Right about now, resolution thinking and writing swings into full affect. Now, I, for one, am all about a plan. However, some where between now and February the excitement of learning a new language, losing weight, taking cooking classes, etc. dies down. The gym classes are being attended less frequently,…
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