Memo 017: With the Cinch of a Waist

Ok, as you can tell from this blog, I’m pretty ritualistic and consistent with the things that I like to do.  I WEAR top knots, I’m dedicated to spending a large portion of my paycheck with ASOS, Zara and H&M, and I like to make to-do lists and check things…
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Memo 016: I’m Neutral on the Subject

Random side note: I think I single handedly keep ASOS, Zara, and H&M in business. I mean, I knew I liked these retailers but I do believe that I am independently keeping them thriving and profitable.  My daily routine is wake-up, check ASOS “New In: Clothing” and “New In: Shoes…
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Memo 015: Funny Faces

Anyone who knows me knows that I may or may not be a little silly. What they may not know is that even as silly, funny, charming, and debonair as I am, I can sometimes take myself a little too seriously. I’m serious about my dreams, my feelings, and my…
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Memo 013: Riding in Coach

“Pink gators, my Detroit Players…” – Notorious B.I.G. Just so that we are clear, I’m not from Detroit. I’m from Michigan. But I do know a thing or two about Detroit fashion. Detroiters like to coordinate. Coach bag, matched the Coach belt, matched the Cartier glasses, matched the Guess jeans,…
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Memo 012: I Fedora Michael

You cannot tell me that I am not Michael Jackson in this fedora hat.    I’m talking about 1979 – 1989, Michael. “Rock with You”, “Bad”, “P.Y.T”, Michael. My first boyfriend, Michael. Moonwalking, anti-gravity leaning, finger snapping, hee-heing, white glove wearing, Michael.    All it takes is one thing, one thought, or one…
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