Memo 010: K.I.S.C

K.I.S.C. = Keeping It Simple and Comfortable. Sometimes (read: all of the time), a chick just wants to be comfortable.  Sweater… comfortable Blazer…comfortable SWEAT PANTS…COMF.TA.BULL!!! Let’s be clear, a chick does NOT want to be comfortable and a mess, comfortable and raggedy, or comfortable and look comfortable. Comfortable and cute is the…
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Memo 009: It’s Da Bomb!

Yep yep to the yep yep! Bomber jackets are back. I’ve got mine. You better get yours… I wanna like do the kid n’ play, the butterfly (unh un that’s old…), and the humpty dance all at the same damn time! Ahhh, 90s, welcome back. I’ve missed you.  Bomber Jacket:…
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#TWPApproved Net-A-Porter Sales Top Picks!

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Memo 008: It Gives You Wings

So, I love a deal, sale, and bargain. I live for all of them. In fact, I rarely pay full price for anything unless it’s H&M, ZARA, and few of my shoes due to the popularity (read: largeness) of my shoe size. I love deals and I love good shit on a…
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Memo 007: Top to the Knot

Let me explain something to you, I wear top knots. No, you don’t understand, I WEAR top knots. The top knot is good for any occasion and it’s ready at a moment’s notice.  Just went swimming, your girl calls and she just landed two tickets for a sold out charity…
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Memo 006: A Vicious Circle

Did I ever mention that I LOVE mixed prints? Well, I do… I didn’t recognize the theme initially but the majority of the pieces that I am wearing have…you guessed it…circles.  AND my pinky ring makes me feel like a old school playa from the Himalayahs! Loves it! Top: Max Studio,…
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Memo 005: I Approve This Message

There’s really not a whole lot to say. Today is election day…Go Vote! So, I met this little skirt in Vegas during my BFFs bachelorette party weekend. I’m not sure why upon meeting her did I have such great hesitation to take her home with me. The point is I…
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