Memo 005: I Approve This Message

There’s really not a whole lot to say. Today is election day…Go Vote! So, I met this little skirt in Vegas during my BFFs bachelorette party weekend. I’m not sure why upon meeting her did I have such great hesitation to take her home with me. The point is I…
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Memo 003: Freedom of Peace

So, I like to take ALOT of pictures with the peace sign. I don’t know. Sometimes, I just don’t know what to do with my hands. I love to mix prints, colors and textures.  Start with a little paisley here, some green and blue stripes there, and throw in a…
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Memo 002: Dressed In All Black

Literally, every year, I miss Halloween. It’s like I don’t know what day it falls on or something. And this year I missed it again. No costume, No party, No nothing. So, my tribute to Halloween this year is my ode to black. This ASOS Dress just spoke to me.…
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Memo 001: Bienvenue!

The Werk! Place is where high end meets low end and a little in between.  As a self-proclaimed mix master, my key strengths are combining patterns, colors and various textures. My style can range from mixed print maven to classic funk cutie. I created The Werk! Place as an avenue to…
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