Fashion Rules!

The Werk! Place Says…

  DO invest (read: spend lots of money) on outerwear, shoes, fine jewelry and handbags. Basically, the items that you are likely to have for a while (not trendy), will wear several times and that won’t change much do to a fluctuation in weight.

  DO save money on trendy clothes, white button-up shirts, and anything else that wasn’t listed above (t-shirts, dresses, trousers, shorts, skirts, jeans, costume jewelry, clutches, etc.)

  DO take some level of fashion risk but also remain true to yourself. If you’re not a gothic head don’t go investing in all black (leather, studs and skulls) everything.

  DO shop your closet. Sometimes, all you need to add is a new piece here and there to create a completely new look with some pieces that are already in your very own personal boutique.

  DO find skilled people who are experts in making and keeping your pieces looking fabulous.  A good tailor, dry cleaner, and shoe repairman are everything in life!

  DO put your accessories on display. If you have the space, hang necklaces on a wall; place cuffs, bangles and bracelets on a bracelet bar; capture rings in a catch all jewelry stand. If you see it, you will wear it!

  DO Stick to white pieces that have structure or texture (i.e. eyelet lace, linen, silk) to keep them from looking cheap.

  DO NOT be ashamed to shop the sale rack! Now, I clearly shop at the quality for less online sites and stores but I’ve also been able to find comparably priced contemporary and high end designer pieces during luxury retailers’ seasonal sales. So, don’t count them out because you think they may be too expensive. The additional 30% and 40% off sales is where you’ll rack up the savings.

  DO NOT be afraid of color. Color is your friend. Have dinner with her often!

 DO NOT be afraid to shop online. I still can’t believe that in the internet age there are people who are still resistant to online shopping. Yes, the sizing can be a little tricky and I know you can’t buy and have your item the same day BUT online shopping gives you a world of options…literally.

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