TWP Approved: Favorite Places To Shop


ASOS is probably my first stop when I’m looking for anything. They have high style and quality at the right price point. They’re always having a sale which makes some of the high priced pieces much more affordable. I STAY with some items in my wish list because there’s always something that I want from them.

On top of them having great pieces, they’re all about race, body, and sexuality diversity. So, it makes me feel good to support a brand that is so inclusive.

Barney’s New York

I shop Barney’s like I do the other luxury retailers all year but I only buy during the bi-annual designer sale. UNLESS there’s a hot shoe and I know the size US10/EU41 will be the first to go, then I’ll think about paying full price. Other than that, I can definitely wait until the designer sale.

I like the selection of designers and pieces from Barney’s. It feels a little more curated than some of the other luxury department stores.


Of course, I’m bobbing for baubles at Baublebar! They’ve just got a handle on the accessories trends and I love opening packages from them when they do arrive.

It’s like two pleasures in one: packaging and product!

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is another place were I stay with a wishlist at least 5 products long on any given day. Also, I’m not really too sure what’s going on internally with them but these constant 40 – 80% off sales give me life and save me money.

I’m all the way here for it!

Neiman Marcus

Neiman’s is like thee luxury department store destination. It’s old money and it feels like it when you visit.

I go in just to see what rich feels like for a few hours and then I wait until the designer sale to see what I can afford.


Net-A-Porter is fresh, curated luxury. They’ve really got a handle on story telling and styling. So much so that you don’t even need to see something in person before signing away your first born child for a few pair of shoes and handbags.

I, also, wait for their designer sale but I love to peruse the site for style inspiration.


Nordstrom is BAE when it comes to customer service. Now, they won’t always have the lowest prices and they don’t have a ton of sales but their customer service game is unmatched.

It’s almost worth it to pay a little more just for the service.

The Outnet

The Outnet is where the older pieces from Net-A-Porter get a second life.

You know I’m here for the discount, so it’s definitely on the list.


I just found out that YOOX is owned by Net-A-Porter, too. They’re where I go to find pieces that I loved and lost because I didn’t purchase quick enough.

They’re known for giving pieces that are a few seasons old another chance to be loved and adored, as clothing should be.


Of course, Zara made the list.

They give me runway pieces at fast fashion prices.


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