Class Werk!: The New Neutral

Memo 175: Playing The Field In Stripes and Paisley

By definition, a neutral is something that lacks color like white, grey and khaki tones. These colors normally pair well with a variety of other colors. The latter statement is the major key!

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If you’re on the path to being a mix-print master, you’ll need to add a striped shirt to your arsenal. The striped shirt is the new neutral when it comes to creating looks with statement and printed pieces.

Here are a few times (like 6) where I incorporated a striped shirt into my look:

Memo 246: Got Stripes
Memo 135: Stand For Something…
Stay Neutral On The Color Pairing Subject

The striped shirt plays very well with other prints and patterns without overpowering the entire look. As you can see, the striped shirts that I have featured over the years on The Werk! Place are a subtle stripe pairing. One shirt is grey and white and the other navy blue and white.

Memo 200: Meeting My Co-Werker For Drinks 
Memo 257: The Bare Necessities
Primary color striping would be too disruptive. So, keep that in mind when selecting your ‘new neutral’ striped shirt. It’s a safe bet to focus on neutral color pairings like off-white/khaki, white/grey, and beige/white.


Memo 246: Got Stripes
Memo 135: Stand For Something…
I Ain’t Got No Striped Shirt Type!

Don’t be afraid to play with the structure of your striped shirt. Explore oversized options, bell sleeves, crew neck shirts, and more.

Memo 152: An Oxford Kind Of Day
Memo 175: Playing The Field In Stripes and Paisley
Size Matters
I’ve found that for the neutral pairing partnership, the smaller the stripe the better. When you get into larger stripes, that shirt becomes more of the statement piece instead of just the trusty side kick. And there’s nothing wrong with being a side kick! Every super hero had one.


Memo 257: The Bare Necessities


Here are a few striped shirt options that I’m digging right now:



  1. November 17, 2016 / 4:36 pm

    I've had a struggle with structured shirts because of the fit, but you make me want to try again 🙂

  2. November 17, 2016 / 6:57 pm

    I really adore your style! I love using the unexpected as a neutral in fashion as well as home decor!

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