Class Werk!: Spring Clean Like The Best Of Them – Part I

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Welcome to class, ladies and gentlemen. Now, let’s get this werk!
Today’s topic of discussion is about that good ol’ and positively necessary Spring Clean. Have you ever seen an episode of Hoarders and immediately wanted to throw everything that you own in the trash? Ridding yourself of things that no longer serve you purpose is healthy and gives you the space to buy more things! I mean…well, ya know or not.
I’m in the middle of a huge purge because I need to downsize in a serious way. Here are a few helpful rules that I have used in the process:
Rule No. 1: If it’s been one year, give it away, dear!  – Tweet This
Literally, if you forgot that you even owned it let alone worn it in the last calendar year, it’s not that important to you. There are some items that I wear the wear out of and others that simply sit around waiting for their turn. You’ll have to put on your big girl pants and be honest with yourself. Trust me, if you didn’t miss it this year, you won’t miss it next year. LET IT GO!
Rule No. 2: If it doesn’t fit, you must quit! – Tweet This
Girl, stop playing with yourself. If you haven’t been able to get into it within the last year, let that thang go! Period. I’m not saying that you should stop your weight loss plans. I’m just saying when you do lose the weight, buying yourself something new will be a very rewarding treat. GIVE IT AWAY!
Rule No. 3: To Re-Sell or Not To Re-Sell? That Is The Question – Tweet This
There’s money hiding in your Spring Cleaning activities. During the process of purging, make piles of items that are still in good condition that can yield a little cash, items for donation and items for le trash. Once an item makes it into one of the piles, don’t revisit it. Trust me, it’s better for your sanity.
I’ll revisit this step in Part II but this is a huge part of how The Werk! Shop was birthed.
Rule No. 4: Purchase, Purge, Re-sell, Repeat! – Tweet This
You’ll feel an immense sense of freedom when you begin to let things go. When you can finally see the wall behind your closet and you like the way that your clothes hang with air circulating around them; you may actually, dare I say, want to keep it that way. Go through your items one mo’ ‘gain to see if you’ve overlooked an item that can join one of the piles mentioned before.
Rule No. 5: Mise en Place – Tweet This
This is a french term that I learned many moons ago while working in the restaurant industry. The translation is “everything in it’s place”.  In regards to the dining table, this meant having everything required to enjoy each course of the meal. For example, the salad and soup spoon was provided for the first course and a steak knife was provided for the second course. if the guest was going to be enjoying a protein of the red meat variety.
So, I’ve applied this concept of having everything in order and setting myself up to be better prepared in my organizational life. Once you’ve purged, you can evaluate what’s left and designate a specific space for those items. For instance, I have a hook in my kitchen for my keys and I can’t remember the last time that I’ve misplaced them. The trick is once you have designated the space, you make sure that the items always return to that same spot.
In Part II, I’ll be discussing the re-sell options that I used that proved to be pretty darn lucrative. Make that money, don’t let it make you!
Stay Tuned!



  1. June 14, 2016 / 7:05 pm

    It's so hard to purge!! I haven't thrown away much of my closet in 2 years, and I know I have tons to throw away! This will be my summer project lol great post!

    Ashley (Her Royal Highness)

  2. June 18, 2016 / 1:37 pm

    I swear you are one of the few people who can mix prints and colours and it will still be edgy and on point. Loved this post and I am also one of the guilty ones who need to purge unwanted or untouched clothes

  3. June 29, 2016 / 4:59 am

    You always carry something different. This is what I can call classy and unique. I just loved your style. I also a have great collection of clutches. Check here!

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