Memo 008: It Gives You Wings

So, I love a deal, sale, and bargain. I live for all of them. In fact, I rarely pay full price for anything unless it’s H&M, ZARA, and few of my shoes due to the popularity (read: largeness) of my shoe size.

I love deals and I love good shit on a good deal. So, this jacket that I’m wearing, the embellishment on it is UH-mazing! It’s by French Connection and I believe that I paid an entire $50 US American Dollars for the entire jacket. No sleeves were missing and all the sequins were present. 

Seriously, I don’t play around. I quit school because of recess…

Jacket: French Connection, Skirt: BCBG, Top: H&M, Earrings: Banana Republic
Fauxtography Credit: Venroy Porter
Cuffs: Oregon Boutique, Necklace: Cara
Fauxtography Credit: Venroy Porter
“Look up, Ma. Say cheese!”
Fauxtography Credit: Venroy Porter

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