Class Werk!: Take Your IG To The Next Level + NY Photo Diary

The MCB Project Turban: Similar here | Prada Sunglasses: Ditto (Use code: THEWERKPLACE for one month free) | Zara Top: Similar here and here | H&M Pants: Similar here and here | Jimmy Choo Oxford Shoes: Similar here
Location: The Bushwick Collective

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If you’re following me on Instagram, you are already aware that I am officially a New Yorker…for the next couple of months! 

When I first got to NY, I was running around town and trying to simultaneously catch my breath from the massive yet temporary move! I went to Curlfest for the first time which was really cool to witness (team straight yet natural), was invited to test out the Ford Escape at the Ford Escape the Room Challenge and went on Hello Beautiful Live to talk about Summer Essentials. You can catch the video here

Of course, I’ve been out and about playing tourist. Here’s a little diary recap of my adventures as told by Instagram. Follow the hashtag #TheWerkPlaceTakesNY on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with my NY adventures.

Speaking of Instagram, here are a few tips to take your account to the next level! 

Did the Huxtables live in Harlem or nah? #HarlemOnTheRise
Location: Somewhere in Harlem
They say that first impressions make for lasting impressions or that you only have one chance to make a first impression. Well, in the age of social media, this is definitely holding up to be very true. Anyone from a new boo to a potential employer is checking you out online and you want to give them something worth seeing!

If you’re honest with yourself, you do it, too! The minute you find out someone’s IG handle, you’re off to see their page and pass a few judgements  draw a few conclusions.

This spot in Harlem has the best interior! It’s so overwhelming good.
I can’t speak on the food, however. I only came for the photo.
Location: Sweetbird in Harlem, NY


The first step to a great IG is deciding which part of yourself or your brand that you want to feature. This isn’t about fabricating a life that doesn’t exist; it’s about curating the most authentic and representative moments in your life. When people come to your page, your message should be very clear.
The MCB Project Turban: Similar here | Prada Sunglasses: Ditto (Use code: THEWERKPLACE for one month free) | Zara Top: Similar here and here
Location: The Bushwick Collective


With apps, we have the opportunity to shape and re-shape the size of the photo. When we’re talking about size, consistency is key. If you’re going to use a border on your photos, use that same border on all of your photos. If you’re going to make your photos different sizes, find a consistent pattern to create a mosaic effect.
Why the yarn face? #ISeeYouLooking
Location: Somewhere in Brooklyn


Sure you want to have a consistent posting schedule but put some focus on what you’re posting instead of how many times you’re posting.
Jeffrey Campbell Gladiator Sandals: Similar here
Location: Lenox Saphire Bar & Restaurant

Similar to the size of your photos being consistent, the filters that you use should be consistent, as well.
I’m obsessed with industrial buildings and warehouses!
I found this corner on the way to The Bushwick Collective
Location: Somewhere in Brooklyn


When you’re curating your page and it’s speaks to the part of your life that you want to highlight, mix up the photos.

Here’s a sample order: close up, full body, food photo, selfie, inspirational quote, landscape, and repeat.

The MCB Project Turban: Similar here | Prada Sunglasses: Ditto (Use code: THEWERKPLACE for one month free) | Zara Top: Similar here and here | H&M Pants: Similar here and here | Jimmy Choo Oxford Shoes: Similar here
Location: The Bushwick Collective


Kindly, step away from the photo collage! I know it’s difficult but choose ONE photo and go with that or post three great photos but leave that 8-photos-in-one collage alone.


What a great and memorable thing to do to a garage door!
I want to try the food because, with a door like this, it must be pretty tasty!
Location: Somewhere in Harlem


H&M Duster: Similar here | ASOS Bralette: Similar here | Zara Necklace: Similar here | Whit Shorts: Similar here |  Jeffrey Campbell Gladiator Sandals: Similar here | River Island Hat: Similar here


  1. Anonymous
    July 13, 2016 / 6:31 pm

    Love the Head wrap and the golden shoes! The shoes are so chic and the head wrap is just perfect! Excellent outfit. 🙂

  2. queenie
    July 21, 2016 / 4:30 pm

    The Harlem restaurant is Streetbird. You're right, such a cool interior. The music is great too! Love the blog!

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