Memo 262: This Girl Is On Fire!

Let me just tell you guys about the last couple of days. They’ve been quite “turnt up” to say the least. You know how you’re going along in life just kind of barely keeping your head above water and then comes along a torrential down pour? Current Mood.
I’ve been able to tread the water by making my list (I STAY with a list), prioritizing, breaking the list down into manageable pieces and knocking each item off one by one! Not much sleep has been happening but I’ll sleep on like Monday. I hate it when I’m in “go-mode” and am looking forward to some far off in the distance day where I will get a complete night’s rest. This adulting madness is for the birds!
Speaking of birds, I can’t decide on whether this Narciss Aiko Coat makes me look like a vibrant bird or that I have been set ablaze around the collar. Either way, I like it a lot!
When I’m wearing it, “I be feeling like the man when I walk through…”
Get the Look:
Narciss Aiko Coat (borrowed) – Sold here
H&M Sweater – Similar here
H&M Belt – Similar here
Rich & Skinny Jeans – Similar here
H&M Gloves – Similar here
Pierre Hardy Shoes – No Longer Available
Carrera Speedway Sunglasses – Sold here
Marc Jacobs Bag – No Longer Available
Photography: Guanchy Lopez


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