Memo 353: Four Morning Rituals To Slay My Day

I’m a huge advocate for thoughts and words having power. What you think about, you bring about it. So, it’s very important that my day start with as many positive thoughts and intentions as possible.

Here are the four things that I’ve been doing to bring about positive change for each day:

Step 1: Prayer + Devotional

Steps one through three take me about 30-minutes total and I do them all in one sitting.

For the devotional last year, I tried the Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence Devotional by Sarah Young at a reader’s suggestion. This year, I’m back to my old faithful 90-Day Devotional, Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen. I think both have their place and will speak to a different part of your brain.

Jesus Calling was like a personal conversation with God with scriptural references and Your Best Life Now has more storytelling and motivational nuggets. It’s really whatever tickles your fancy and right now, Your Best Life Now, is tickling mine.

After reading the devotional, I’ll say a quick prayer deeply routed in gratitude.

Step 2: Gratitude + Journal

Next, I’ll pick up my journal and I use the following guidelines for each journal entry.

Day + Date : This is pretty obvious but I’ll just go ahead a list it. It’s great to be able to link your thoughts and feelings back to a particular time and space.

Today’s Affirmation : This can literally be any motivational quote or mantra for the day. I use the daily mantra from my guided meditation which I’ll touch on next.

Gratitude List : In this space, I find any three things that I’m grateful for that day. It’s literally as small or as big as I want it to be!

A Positive Note : This is where I highlight something awesome that happened that morning or the day before. Sometimes, I expound on something from the gratitude list.

On Another Note  : After expressing gratitude and all of my positive affirming thoughts, I have a space to release my frustrations. I mean that is the purpose of the journal, right? It’s a safe space to document the highs and lows and to release them!

Step 3: Meditation

After I’ve completed my prayer, devotional, journal and gratitude expression, I move on to my guided meditation.

I’ve been using Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Abundance Meditation on repeat! I just go to the playlist on YouTube here, plug in my headphones and zone out. I’ve talked more in depth about my meditation practice here.

Step 4: Werkout!

Ok, so the ‘Werkout’ step may happen before or after steps one through three. It really depends on what time I’m working out. Either way, for me, it’s IMPERATIVE that I workout in the morning or it just won’t happen. Because I want to win in this thick-fit health conscious game, I’m not about the business of setting myself up for failure.

It’s not only important to set goals but it’s, also, important to know what will help you achieve your goals. #Message.

I, also, know that classes and working out with friends hold me accountable and I’ll more times than not actually make it to the workout. Lately, I’ve been doing a mixture of spinning, HIIT and weight training.

I don’t know about you guys but showing up is like 80% of the battle!

Weigh in, what morning routines have you all implemented that are helping you to slay your day?

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