TWP Approved! – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks

I like a good routine from time to time. So, it should come as no surprise that I’m pretty religious about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The super sized 32 oz. Purity facial wash by Philosophy gets purchased every single year. When I am getting low, I know the sale is nearby. It is hands down the best and most gentle facial cleanser that I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Also, I don’t mind spending my hard earned pennies with Nordstrom because they probably have one of the best customer service and return policies known to man.

A few things about this sale:
  • If you haven’t had time to shop the Anniversary sale, don’t freak out, you have plenty of time. The sale ends on August 3rd.
  • If you shop the sale and decide later on that you don’t love your items, there are free returns and free shipping and I quote “all the time”. Understand me when I say, they are the best at this customer service game.
  • If you get overwhelmed by the stores or even the online experience, again don’t loose your cool, I’ve shopped the sale for you and selected a few of my top picks from the sale:
(Hover over the image for brand/pricing and click through to purchase)

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