Memo 145: Tunic(les) for your Thoughts

I won’t even address the fact that it is August 1st of 2014. Nope, I won’t even mention it. Like, I won’t even acknowledge the fact that time waits for no one. Time gives not one care about any of us. The more that I think about it, time is really kind of disrespectful and selfish. Because of that, we should be diligently trying to stay present and thankful for each moment. Most importantly, we should be relentless about living a life that will truly make us happy and getting there now!

Stepping down from my soapbox and on to the look…

This look is about comfort and prints. When it’s 115 degrees Fahrenheit outside (yes, it gets that hot in Arizona), no one over here at The Werk! Place is trying to wear anything that doesn’t breathe. I want freedom to move and pathways for air to circulate. That’s exactly what this look provides.
Easy, breezy, beautiful, Tunic Girl.
Get the Look:
Zara Dress – Similar here and here
Burak Uyan Sandals – Similar here
Nneka Saran Clutch – Similar here
Bronze Double Cuffs – No Longer Available
ASOS Necklace – Similar herehere and here




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