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Somehow, this has turned into the week of periods!Little known fact about me, I’m a huge fan of the maxi pad. However, my biggest problem with pads is that they have the potential to leak which is usually why I buy the diaper sized, I mean overnight sized maxi, and wear that day and night! When I’m wearing light colored pants like the ones in this look, I can’t run the risk of any period related mishaps.

Well, Always has created the Always My Fit Sizing System. This system was designed to help women find the right size pad based on their panty size and flow for better coverage to avoid leaks. They are now numerically sized 1 through 5 so you can find your best coverage for both day and night protection. Based on this new system, I’ve replaced my huge overnight sized pads with these new ultra thin pads in sizes 1, 2 or 4! Now, my Summer light striped pants should be no problem for me when Aunt flow comes to visit.

To find out your perfect size, look at the chart on the top of the Always pack or take the online quiz here.

I’d love to get a little personal and find out your biggest hesitation with wearing pads.
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