Memo 357: Eight Essentials That Bring Me Joy

I mean if it absolutely came down to it, I COULD live without these things but why would I want to?

On this Fun Fact Friday, I’m letting you know the skinny on these 8 essentials that are always present in my day-to-day comings and goings.

Tiff’s Favorite Essentials: From The Kitchen

  • David’s Sunflower Seeds: Yep, I’m just willing high blood pressure into my life. I’ve laid off of them for a few months but know that I crave them every single day of my life. Oh, it’s only the Original flavor me. Thank you!
  • Beer: My love for beer began while working as a server at the ESPN Zone in Washington, DC while I was attending Howard University. I would see and serve so many frothy chilled glasses of beer that I had to try it. After my first sip, I was hooked. Yep, I’m a beer girl and a few of my favs are Bass, Blue Moon and Shock Top.
  • Tea: Ya know, because I’m classy! I used to drink a cup of coffee everyday when I was working in corporate. I NEEDED it to get through the day and then I would completely crash during my time off. Once, I wasn’t as stressed out, I found tea to be a much better option for me. I get a light caffeine boost depending on the variety but not nearly the up and down that I would experience with coffee. A few of my favorite brands are Teavana, Allegro and Mighty Tea Leaf.

Tiff’s Favorite Essentials: From The Beauty Closet

  • Bowl Cut: It’s BACK! Although, I do grapple with hair bi-polar disorder where I want to be short, long, black and blonde depending on the day of the week. I pretty much always end up coming back home to the bowl cut. Shout out to the Tina Pearson Salon for getting me back to my basics.
  • A Statement Lip: Yes, I’ve been wearing the wear out of ‘Netwerk’ from my collaboration last year with Lip Fetish Cosmetics. However, my go to is a statement orange/red or berry lip. I like my lips and I like to show them off, okkuurrr?!
  • Headwear: Yep, when I’m not rocking my bowl cut or when I do want to do one single thing to my hair, you can catch me in a turban, beret, fedora, or a wide brimmed hat. I truly believe in good headwear pieces and they can totally give the finishing touches to any look. Lately, I’ve been feeling Flamekeepers Hat Club, Ashaka Givens, Eric Javits, Eugenia Kim and Lack Of Color.

Tiff’s Favorite Essentials: From The Office

  • Pentel R.S.V.P. Fine Point Black Pens: This is, hands down, my writing tool of choice. It literally makes me irate when people use them and try to steal them from me. I’m so very serious about these pens.
  • Notebooks: A fresh new notebook feels like a whole new world of opportunity opening up to me. What will these pages contain? What new plans will I draft here? What information awaits me? They literally bring me JOY! Shout out to Marie Kondo. If I had to chose a favorite, I’ve been loving the sleek simple design of the moleskine notebooks. I like that I can pretty much carry them anywhere with me without feeling the bulk. I will never have enough fresh new notebooks.

I would love to know what types essentials you’re using and loving in the comments below. I’m always looking to add a few more staples to the list.

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Photography by: Marta Skovro

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