Memo 358: Five Tiff Tips Used To Win My NYFW

NYFW can be quite a doozy if you let it. It’s exciting to be right in the middle of all of the fashion action, yes, but it can, also, be extremely exhausting.

Once upon a time, when things were in a more centralized location, it was a bit better to manage. Now, that shows and events are literally taking place all over the island of Manhattan, NYFW can prove itself to be quite a challenge.

Knowing and experiencing this, I decided to take a different approach to have a much more enjoyable experience. Here are the five things that I did that can literally be applied to any situation in life that helped me to win my NYFW experience:

Tiff Tip #1: Only Do The Things That You Want to Do

Yeah, this one is huge. When you make the decision to be an active participant in NYFW, you naturally want to attend every single show and event available to you. It looks “cool” to be everywhere doing everything.

And this will be your downfall.

I made the decision to only attend the events and designer shows that I was actually interested in seeing. I wasn’t going just for show. In life, we tend to make some very similar mistakes by doing what has the perception of looking good to other people. Unless your life goal is to people please and do what looks good to other people, these actions, often times, do not end up serving us at all.

Tiff Tip #2: Show Up + Be Present

Now that I had the list of events whittled down to something manageable, I decided that when I showed up I would actually be present to take in the entire experience.

This one wasn’t actually that hard because these were places that I wanted to be. So, it was easy to actually enjoy the moments. I met and interacted with new people, I took notice of the details that went into the production of the events and shows and I walked away from most events rejuvenated and motivated.

In life, when you decide to invest your time in an activity, you have to be sure to take it in and get what you’re supposed to get out of it. If that means a re-connection with an old acquaintance, a fresh new idea or renewed sense of motivation, you have to be present to get it.

Tiff Tip #3: If You’re Going To Go, Be Your Best Self

I mean, it is NYFW. So, like, have your shit together, no?

But even in life, once you decide to spend your time somewhere, you may as well present the best version of yourself. Get that hair did, nails did, everything did!

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Tiff Tip #4: No Matter What, Eat Breakfast

I made it a point to have breakfast food in my house a few days before the start of NYFW. I knew that I would be stomping it up in these streets and there would be food and drinks galore. I just wanted to make sure that every day started with a relatively healthy breakfast and some quiet time to gather my thoughts.

I truly believe that how you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day. Read here for more details about my morning ritual. Starting off hydrated, nourished and with a calm mind gave me the tools needed to tackle whatever day I was about to have.

Tiff Tip #5: Pace Yourself

This last tip is so crucial!

No matter what you decide to do, please for the love of everything holy, pace yourself. Plan your day to include breaks, food or even a nap. These NYFW days can be LONG and you need to maintain your energy to make it through the day.

These are literally the steps that I used to make sure that I won NYFW and it didn’t win me! What, if anything, would you add to this list?

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