Memo 371: Buy or Deny? – 6 Questions To Ask Before You Buy

If you asked me a few weeks ago if I was a sustainable shopper, I would have looked at you in confusion. However, I learned that being sustainable included buying well and getting the full use out of my clothing. Well, look at that, I was sustainable and didn’t even know it!

It’s really like this; I don’t like wasting my money. I learned early on from shopping excursions with my mommy that buying well didn’t always mean spending a lot of money. There are six #TiffTips for shopping sample sales here. However, I’ll have to outline my overall sales strategy in another post.

Today’s post is about asking yourself a few questions before you buy most fashion pieces. When you’re running high on the adrenaline from finding great pieces, it’s good to have this list handy to bring you right back on down to reality.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Buy

  1. Will I Wear The Wear Out of It?
    Basically, you want to be sure that you’re going to get your money’s worth from that item. My personal rule of thumb is if I know that I’ll wear it more than three times, it’s as good as mine. If you think that you’re only going to wear a piece one time and then be done with it. Put it right back on the rack, Jack!
  2. Does It Bring Me Joy?
    Yes, we’re Marie Kondo-ing this thing around here. You really should feel excited about a new addition to your wardrobe. If not, what’s the point?
  3. Is It On Sale?
    This makes me feel better about my purchase. It’s like this, I’m actually saving money by not paying full price for something that I’ll wear and that brings me joy. It’s a win all the way around, really.
  4. Is This Comfortable And Easy To Get Into And Out Of?
    I know it’s cute but will you have to call in a team of people to get into and out of the garment? Do you feel like you can handle your day like a boss wearing said item or will you constantly have to adjust all. day. long? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, she can’t go home with you!
  5. Is It In My Size?
    Literally, do not buy if it’s not in your size. Periodt.
    The only exception here is if the item is larger and you know that you will take the required steps to get it tailored to fit your body.
  6. Can I Actually Afford To Purchase It?
    This is the real deal, Holyfield. Sometimes, you have to step aside to calm down from the excitement of shopping to have an honest conversation with yourself about what you can actually afford. Do you have other goals where this money will be better spent? Then, put on your big girl pants and be the responsible adult we all know that you can be. Put it back, Sis.

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