Memo 418: Rooting For Everybody Black: Black Designer Round-Up

Scream singing “I need you to know that you’re so beautiful! Sue Me, I’m rooting for everybody Black!”. If you’re following me on Instagram, you probably saw my latest Reel here featuring the song ‘Sue Me’ by Wale along with three looks featuring Black Designers including this look featuring the Bandia Set from Tongoro Studio.

I’m about Black Designers all 365 days of the year. So, here’s a round of the Black Designers that I have featured throughout the years. You can consider this the The Werk! Place’s Black Designer Table Of Contents:

Get The Look

Unreal Fur Jacket – No Longer Available
Tongoro Studio Bandia Set – Sold here
H&M Necklace – No Longer Available
Pierre Hardy Shoes – No Longer Available
The Orbit c/o Minor History – Sold here

Photography: Karston Tannis + Stewy Christopher

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