TWP Approved!: Holiday Shoe Shopping Guide

So, you just got that good invitation to your annual work holiday party or your girl’s gift exchange and you’re trying to figure what you’re going wear.  Never fear, Tiffany is here!

Now, when I get dressed, I like to start from the bottom up. I ask myself a few questions: How comfortable do I want to be? Am I stunting on these hoes or nah? Will there be dancing involved?
Will I be doing a lot walking or will Uber (Gett or Lyft) be a part of the plan?

These are very serious things to consider when you’re making outfit and, most importantly, shoe choices. For the holidays, you’re going to want to go with style over comfort. So, make sure that there’s room in your cute little blinged out bag for flats.

Get into my top picks for shoes this holiday season:

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